Guided by our mission to deliver homes built to high performance standards,

 Cinton's Ultimate Performance Homes follow our strict guidelines from the design phase through the entire construction process, resulting in a beautiful new  home that is safe, healthy and built to last generations.

Where ultimate performance homes are concerned, Cintron Custom Builders believes the entire approach is important. This includes everything from design details, materials and installation methods. To ensure all these aspects work in conjunction to deliver a highly efficient home that lives up to the ultimate performance label, you’ll need a solid plan. Not to worry, we have a collection of home designs to help you plan the home of your dreams. 

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The National Institute of Building Science defines ultimate-performance building as creating structures that “integrate and optimize all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficiency, durability,

life-cycle performance and occupant productivity.”

Ultimate-Performance Home building is the result of years of examining, learning, and evolving building science. The years of building science have produced some fundamental changes to the way we are building today.  In short, the current way we build employs the same basic methods and practices that have been used for years – structural studs with a finish on the inside and a water resistant veneer applied to the outside. Today’s science of building does not fundamentally change that concept. It is the process of what and how we apply the finishes, insulation and connectors that are the backbone of building a high performance home.


We believe occupant productivity comes down to the health and comfort of the people who live and work in the building. One of the biggest considerations for a healthy home is good indoor air quality. 

The average ultimate performing home is designed to last for up to 200 years. Because it’s built to such high standards and with such quality materials, it’s better able to withstand natural and man-made hazards such as severe weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.) and wildfires. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a house you can pass down to your children and grandchildren, building a high performance home will help you fulfill that dream.

Another way ultimate-performance homes increase occupant productivity is by providing a high level of comfort. All the building science involved in creating high performance homes means structures have a consistent interior temperature, no drafts and very little noise. They are clean, full of light and smell good.

Ultimate-performance buildings should also be aesthetically pleasing and functional for the homeowner. 


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